We help organizations to deal with Emerging Technologies. We relay on “Design Thinking” methodology.

Design Thinking aims to solve poorly-defined issues in creative ways. With a range of nontraditional ideas organizations are able to accelerate and identify  which ones can deliver added value and be successful, design thinking teams require to combine multiple skills, including creativity, curiosity, optimism and collaboration.

Process, People, Technology integration is required for acceleration of disruptive technology success.

Digital enterprise looks at how companies can rethink every aspect of their business to succeed in the digital era.
  • which strategy— build, buy, partner, invest, or incubate/accelerate (or a new model that doesn’t yet exist)—will yield the most effective digital business model for the company
  • which operating model— customer-centric, extra frugal, data-powered, machine-driven, or open and liquid—will allow the business to remain quick and agile in the digital economy while best meeting customer needs and expectations
  • which digital talent and skills— from employees to leadership to ways of working—will best prepare the company to compete in a fast-moving, ever-changing digital economy
  • how to best use digital metrics— scale, active usage, and engagement—to measure and increase digital traction

Innovizio can identify the digital change requirements, establishment of the digital change execution in a controlled environment.

Innovizio is advisory to organizations to achieve the success in emerging technologies.

“By 2020, large enterprises with a strong digital business focus or aspiration will see business unit IT increase to 50% of enterprise IT spending.”

– Gartner

We can assist you on the journey of Lean Startup model.

Lean startup methodology is an iterative concept. It includes:
  • MVP (Minimum viable product) – MVP is an unfinished product whereas the team restablishes a test hypothese and gather target profile feedback early in product development process. It is a typical Silicon Valley model
  • A/B testing – A/B testing is a popular method and is data driven experiment, the model works as an immediate trigger in human brain and is related to psychology. The test deliverss fact-based information that is transferred to actionable insights and controlled decisions. Companies like Facebook and use A/B testing for data science experiments
  • Continuous deployment – It is a cycle of ongoing production environment implementations of the tested product phase
AGILE teams

Innovizio business consultants and development teams have experience in diverse project and product management methodologies. Including, Waterfall, Prince2, ITIL, PMI, SaFe/Agile.

Our Agile team development experience is longer than 5 years.

If we compare Agile to old practice’s.

  • User stories/Epic scenarios -> The new name of the Functional Requirements
  • Product Manager/Product owner -> The new name for the Business Analysts, writing user stories/ epic scenarios that goes to backlog
  • Scrum master -> The new name for project leader/manager
  • Sprints -> The new name for shortened waterfalls
  • Sprint review -> The new name for user acceptance testing (UAT)

* Be aware that NFR (Non-functional requirements) tend to be managed separately.

We take care that your organization meets the efficient digital governance.
  • Digital roadmap
  • Jurisdiction, IP rights, Security and compliance(eg. GDPR and SOX)
  • Architecture, Process and standards
  • Data governance, data driven business value generation, definitions and data integration platforms
  • Vendor selection and startup eco-system integration
  • Transition management

Our Industry expertise is very wide, from Food processing industry to telecommunication, hospitality, transport to retail industry.

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