Product development and managing a product are total two different worlds in reality. Product Management may demonstrate different practices per organization.

In common there are several uncertainties a Product Manager require to confront, solve the conflict or lead the path among stakeholders.

A product manager is usually the one who facilitates between various stakeholders, and is a middle management role, in some cases they hold a budget of their own and are accountable for the leads/end results.

In other cases Product Managers/Product Owners are inter exchanging their roles, Usually a Product owner is someone who is a certified Scrum Master and is at the technical development side, whilst Product Manager is mainly on the business side and is responsible for success of the product on company’s roadmap.

Here below a short summary of a common path for Product Management.

Managing discussions with the following parties;

  • industry analysts around competitive landscape
  • sales, marketing and finance regarding new pricing strategies
  • sales and marketing around the capabilities of the sales channel
  • finance and legal about tax implications and considerations
  • marketing around alternative acquisition strategies
  • finance around costs, budgets and planning
  • business development around contracts and commitments
  • product marketing on launch timing and sales training
  • technology leadership on upcoming re-platforming efforts
  • CXO on the status of specific reference customers
  • data analyst on understanding some unusual user behaviour
  • customer success on issues with the current product
  • CISO about security considerations for a new effort

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