5 profile’s are available.

1. Telecommunication Sr. Developer with C/C++/Java/SQL, SMSC, Unix/Linux shell scripting, USSD, MMSC, SGW, GSM architecture experiences(Replaced by a Dutch Telco, from Non-EU(Turkey) country, required employer sponsorship)

2. Data scientist with Face recognition, IoT, Python, R experiences( from Non-EU(Turkey) country, require employer sponsorship).

3. Double BcS graduate, Electronic engineering, Computer sciences with MsC in Computer engineering, Smart city, IoT, VR/AR, C++, Java, Banking, Academic research and Telecommunication industry experience. From Non-EU(Turkey) country, (may) require employer sponsorship for eligibility to work & live in the Netherlands.

4. MsC Media/Communication (VUA) graduate, professional, expert In html5/wordpress, market research. EU citizen, living in the Netherlands, fluent in English, employer sponsorship not required.

5. Law new graduate by Utrecht university, Dutch citizen.